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$110 Six week series

$20-One Drop-in Pole Class

$95-Five Drop-in pole classes (Expires 3 months for purchase date)

$180-Ten Drop-in Pole Classes (Expires 3 
months from purchase date)

$300-Twenty Drop-in Pole Classes (Expires 6 months form purchase date)

Series Options Change over time and prices may vary.  Call or Email for details
No Refunds

*Please sign up for classes 3 hours in advance*


Monday:    6pm- Pole Level 1
                 7:15pm- Pole Level 4 and 5                                     8:30pm- Pole Level 2 and 3

Tuesday:   9:30am Fit & Flexy 6 week series                                       (Starts April 18th)
                10:30am- Open Pole
                6:30pm- Yoga 6 week series 
                            (Starts May 9th)
                8:30pm- Level 1&2 Pole Choreo Series
                             (Starts April 25th)

Wednesday: 6:30pm- Belly Dancing 6 week series                                  (starts May 3rd)
                   7:30pm- Boot Camp 6 week Series                                       (starts April 26th)
                   8:30pm- Burlesque Pole 6 week                                           Series (Starts April 26th)

Thursday:  6pm- Pole Level 4 and 5
                ​ 7:15pm- Pole Level 2 and 3
                 8:30pm- Pole Levels 1

Saturday: 10am- Yoga 6 Week Series
                          (Starts May 6th)
                11:15am- Fit & Flexy Series
                         (Starts April 22nd)
                12:15pm- Open Pole
"This is the best fitness training I have ever been a part of. Going to the gym doesn't cut it anymore."

Class Descriptions

Pole Level 1- The perfect class for the beginning pole dancer! Pole Level 1 introduces students to the basic moves needed to set a foundation for future pole dancing. Pole Level 1 is a four week series that begins the first week in a month and continues building on itself as the month progresses, so it is best for beginners to start early in any given month however, students are still welcome to begin at any time

Beginner 6 week pole series - In this series you will learn the fundamentals of pole dancing plus a choreographed routine. Each week the moves are put to choreography so the student will always leave feeling accomplished. The series starts on a set date continues for six weeks on that same day and time of each week. With the purchase of the series, you may also attend the pole level 1 classes to practice your moves.

Sexy pole 6 week series- This series is open to all levels. During this series we will be adding a sexy twist to pole. This includes sexy pole and floor moves. Heels are encouraged but not a must.

Pole Mixed Levels- Open to all level students. This is a mixed level class where the instructor will work with each student at their own pace.

Stiletto Fit- This class is for all ladies who want a fun, sexy workout in heels. Strut the pounds away while learning strengthening exercises and a fun routine. Please don't take this class if you have any type of ankle injuries or have been otherwise instructed by your doctor.

Competition Class- This class is specifically for students interested in competing. Students should not attend this class unless they have been cleared by an instructor.

Floor Work and Flexibility- In this class we will be learning basic floor combinations to help you tie your pole routines together.  We will also work on different areas of flexibility to help you with those trickier pole moves and make you a more well-rounded dancer.  This is open to all levels!